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For water crisis in Delhi, leaders of BJP have used a 12 years old photo to target Delhi CM

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A photo of many climbing on and surrounding a tanker for water is viral.

BJP MP Vijay Goel on 19 June, tweeted a photo along with the caption

“दिल्ली में पानी का हॉल

कुछ करो भैया केजरीवाल”

Translation – “The condition of water crisis in Delhi, do something Mr. Kejriwal”


Harsh Sanghvi BJP MLA, Surat tweeted the same photo asking “Which state’s condition is this?”

He further retweeted similar post from Nikhil Patel, Convener IT Gujarat State – BJP. The post said “This is the state of people in Delhi for water, do you people still want Kejriwal in Gujarat?”


Similarly, Virendra Babbar, spokesperson BJP, Delhi posted the same on his Facebook page



While their is an ongoing water issue in Delhi but the image used by BJP leaders is 12 years old i.e. before AAP formed.

There is indeed a water crisis in Sangam Vihar area of Delhi, reported as of 20 June, but the image attached by Vijay Goel is fake.

Soon after the tweet of Mr. Vijay Goel, a series of tweet including one from the AAP’s official twitter handle and Delhi Jal Board stated that the revived photo is of 2009 water crisis in Delhi.


The reverse image search performed to check the validity of the claims made showed that the image was actually taken in 2009. Sheila Dixit from the Indian National Congress was the Chief Minister back then and this photo is of the water crisis in 2009 in Delhi. Attached below is the original photo


Raghav Chadha, Vice Chairman of Delhi Jal Board, MLA, AAP tweeted clarifying the fake image


This 2010 article talks about water crisis in urban areas of India which contains the same image.



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Surabhi Srivastava

Student of Journalism at Symbiosis institute of Media and Communication, Pune