Money stuffed in Bananas for Gujarat Elections ?

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A video is viral showing latest 500 and 2000 notes stuffed in bananas, claiming these are sent from Maharashtra to Gujarat for use in upcoming elections.

Tweet by Shahbaz Khan with 454 Retweets –

Tweet by a Fake ID SriRambha who was caught earlier also spreading fake news –

Many uploaded on YouTube also
This The Times Today sounds genuine but is not


The same video was posted on YouTube in March 2017 when Gujarat election was not around.
It has been seen by approx 28 Lakh people already
The Newspaper in bananas were wrapped is in South Indian Language so it’s quite likely it’s from South India
You can see good resolution Video posted by Mana Vantalu in March 2017 here –


Other wrong ones –



T R B Raja also tweeted this video bu he didn’t claim it to be for elections


Layyah News –






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