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False picture: Did Donald Trump really shook hands with Osama Bin Laden? No.

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An image from US President Donald Trump’s young days is getting viral on various social media platforms, lately. It purportedly demonstrates him shaking hands with terror mastermind Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden. The picture has surfaced with a quote that speaks volumes about the association between the two and is primarily said to be written for Trump’s end.

This is what the picture looks like:

Quote added to the picture reads “I knew Osama Bin Laden. People loved him. He was a great man that died for a worthy cause.”

This picture on most of the platforms is captioned as: “Ok now let’s hear it trumpsters”




By using a reverse image search, we found that this image is forged. It is definitely not what it looks like. The claim which it is trying to prove true stands completely false. The original picture has been edited and manipulated to create a fake image.

The original picture has been posted by Getty Images with a caption “Donald Trump at Trump Book Party 1987”

It is an image of Trump with another man from the same party and has no associated with Osama Bin Laden or his presence at that venue.

You can check the original image here

Trump never mentioned of Laden as a worthy man. In fact, Laden was only the primary mastermind behind various American personnel attacks including the World Trade Centre attack on September 11th, 2001.

This image was taken at a book party at the Trump Tower in America’s New York City back in 1987’s month of December.





Kashish Arora

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