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This viral video of supermarket theft is NOT linked with Ramadan

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Claim: A video has been going viral where two Muslim woman can be seen pulling out a bunch of items from their garments in a supermarket. The video is being circulated with a claim that they stole these items for ‘iftar’ during Ramadan. These two women were surrounded by men who appear to have caught them while stealing items from the supermarket.

However, this is an old video from 2019 and not related to the Ramadan period.

This video was shared on social media platforms by people with false claims.


The video’s caption read, “रमज़ान चल रहे है रोज़ा अफ्तारी के लिए कुछ सामान लिया था काफिरों ने बुर्खे में से भी निकलबा लिया।“

Translated to English, “Ramadan is running; Rosa had taken some goods for Aftari. The infidels also took out of the burqa.”

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The video was shared on twitter too.

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Using reverse image and keywords, several news articles popped up linked to that video. According to a report from The Sun which mentions that the incident happened at an Asda store in Dagenham, East London. The article was published on 7th August, 2019.

Another report from The Telegraph dated 7th August, 2019, says, “The women were stopped by security guards at an Asda branch in Dagenham, East London, after being suspected of trying to leave with an estimated £200 worth of tins of baby formula hidden in their clothing.”

Another local newspaper called Evening Standard also reported the same event accompanied with the same video.


Hence, the video shared along with the false claims was an old video from 2019 and not related to 2020’s Ramadan.

Rujuta Thete

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