A news that wasn’t ? @Google won’t forget. @iamsrk to bite @Apple ? 

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A news that wasn’t ?Shahrukh Khan chosen as Brand ambassador of Apple. 

Has media been picking up news from whatsapp and deleting after realize it was fake ?

Google won’t forget!

1. Many small timers, few non credible websites posted that after a meeting Shahrukh Khan has been chosen as Brand Ambassador for Apple in India. These sites refer to “as per report” 

2. Two mainstream media houses picked it up, present it as news. Deccan Chronicle and Asian Age.

3. Just on realization or doubt of the news being true or not, they delete the news.

There is no news in credible media if Shahrukh will be brand ambassador for Apple or not, but this particular act of deletion needed your attention.

For proof google –

“Shahrukh Khan Brand Ambassador Apple”

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Spread the truth:

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