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Old unrelated video shared with the claim it is police beating up migrant worker.

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Ever since the Covid-19 lockdown migrant labourers in India are suffering. Many migrants are stuck in various parts of India and are desperate to get back to their homes. There is a rising migrant crisis within the country ever since the national lockdown.

Claim: A video of a police violently kicking and thrashing a person on a road has been doing rounds on social media platform with the claim that it is of police brutality towards a migrant.

The message attached with the video reads as follow:

“#इतनी_नफरत क्यो है #साहेब
हमें #घर जाना है साहेब
इतना #गुस्सा क्यों है साहेब
ऐसा लगता है जैसे #योगी_मोदी_सरकार ने #गरीबों के खिलाफ जंग छेड दिया “


“Why so much hatred Sir. We want to go home Sir. Why so angry Sir. It looks like Yogi-Modi government has waged war against the poor.”



The post has received more than 1.5 lakh views and many shares on Facebook.







The post was also found on Twitter.



The viral post is not true and is not of a police official thrashing a migrant worker. The video is old and is from an incident in 2018. Upon doing reverse image search using key frames, it was found that it is an incident of a cop beating up an auto rickshaw driver in Lucknow. A FIR was filed against the accused constable for the same. Various news publications carried the incident. Times of India and NewsX have the same video and news uploaded on their YouTube channels.

Thus, this was a case where an old unrelated video was shared with a false claim related to the current unrest and issues within the country.


Attached below are the video news reports by Times of India and NewsX.

Source: Times of India


Source: NewsX


This is the screenshot and link of the article published on the same by Times Of India.

Source: Times of India





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