Did New York Times print a crocodile on front page with title “India’s PM cried”? No, It was edited by a satire Twitter handle.

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Following yesterday’s PM Modi’s break down in tears while addressing on TV, a photo claimed as front Page of The New York Times, an US daily, is viral showing a crocodile shading tears.

Congress’ Digivjay Singh tweeted –


He tweeted – “Dr Jaishankar ji now that you are going to US would you please ensure The New York Times does not spoil the image of Modi ji!! After all he is more worried about his IMAGE than worrying about the People suffering from COVID!! To him Crying at the right time is an Art!!”

Write/Author Shobha De tweeted –






The viral image is edited, a photo of solar panels on buildings in Syria on front page of The News York Times is replaced by crocodile’s face.

Below is the comparison of Real vs Fake. While all stories/headlines remains the same, only the main differs

Source: The New York Times, 21st May 2021, International Edition

Further, the viral image initially was posted by a satire twitter account The Daily New York Times. The name was probably kept to mimic a similar incident last week where many prominent people from ruling party used an article from a website “The Daily Guardian” which sounds like the international media house “The Guardian”


But the Indian Daily, The Telegraph, did printed a similar photo



Although Digvijay Singh has deleted this tweet but he’s been caught spreading fake news quite a few times earlier

Neither are these ambulances from UP, nor this is Digvijay Singh’s first #FakeNews.


All about Digvijay Singh ji’s wrong tweet

Digvijay Singh imports a Pakistani bridge in Bhopal to blame BJP.

Digvijay Singh tweets a photoshopped image.


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