Did NASA say that the Sun exudes the Vedic chant ‘OM’?

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A video is going viral on different social media platforms with a voiceover that claims “The sound of the sun recorded by NASA is precisely as the ancient Hindus had described it in the Vedas thousands of years ago, it is a mantra that can be intoned with human speech as ‘OM’.”



The viral video is being circulated profusely across social media with a claim that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA) recorded the sound originating from the sun and found that it resembles the Hindu Vedic mantra ‘OM.’



A Facebook user named ‘Venkatesh Gopal BK’ posted the viral video with a caption that reads, “SOUND OF THE SUN!

NASA found that the sound from the sun resembles the Vedic mantra ‘Om’. It is the most sacred mantra of Brahman, the highest Universal Principle, the Ultimate Reality. Om connotes the metaphysical concept of Brahman. The sound is often chanted either independently or before a mantra; it signifies the Brahman as the ultimate reality, consciousness or Atman. The Om sound is the primordial sound and is called the Shabda-Brahman (Brahman as sound). Om is one of the most important spiritual sound in Hinduism. Our Vedas and Shastras are the most scientific and the Rishis who composed them were super Scientists! Be proud of your ancestors!”

At the time of writing this news report, his post had already garnered over ten thousand views, more than 450 likes, and was shared more than one thousand times.




Another Facebook user named ‘Deepak Biswas’ posted the viral video with the same caption.








A Twitter user with the handle ‘@The_Pinakee’ tweeted the viral video with a curtailed version of the viral caption.



There are several videos on Youtube that contain the same voiceover used in the viral video.





A Youtube channel named ‘Historical Hindi‘ uploaded a video on 21 December 2017. The voiceover in the video says that NASA, in one of its reports has mentioned that the sound originating from the sun matches the Vedic chant “OM.” The video had been viewed 135,906 times and had garnered more than two thousand likes while writing this news report.




The viral claim that NASA recorded the Vedic mantra ‘OM’ as the sound originating from the sun is fake.



In pursuit of the truth and to verify the claim made in the viral video, we did a quick keyword search “NASA recorded sound of the sun” and managed to find out a video titled “NASA | Sounds of the Sun (Low Frequency).” The video was uploaded on NASA’s official Youtube channel on 26 July 2018 and it features the voiceover of Alex Young, Associate Director for Science in the Helioscience Physics division at NASA Goddard space flight center. He mentions “When anything material moves, waves travel through it and the same thing happens inside the sun and these waves are traveling, bouncing around inside the sun and if your eyes were sensitive enough you actually could see this jiggle but what scientists have done is they have taken that jiggle and turned it into sound, into a sound that we can hear with our own ears. The sun is vibrating at lots of different frequencies and one of the things that’s pretty cool about that is we can use those vibrations in the sun to look inside the sun.” At no point during the video, we heard the sound of the Vedic chant “OM.”



In the video’s description, we also found the link to a 1:22 second long video titled “NASA | Sun Sonification (raw audio)” that was also uploaded on 26 July 2018 on NASA’s official Youtube channel. We went through the entire video and did not hear the Vedic chant “OM” at any point during the video. We discovered a link in the video’s description that redirected us to a small article on NASA’s official website. The article explains how scientists were able to convert the jiggle inside the sun into vibrations. And how “these vibrations allow scientists to study a range of complex motions inside the Sun, from solar flares to coronal mass ejections.” Even the article had no mention of the Vedic chant “OM” emanating from the sun.


Although this much evidence was enough for us to conclude that the viral claim is false, we looked for more proof and ultimately were able to find out a couple of tweets, one by @NASAsun(one of the official Twitter handles of NASA) and the other by @NASA(one of the official Twitter handles of NASA).


We also found out the original audio of the sound originating from the sun on SoundCloud, online music and audio streaming platform. The audio is available on NASA’s official channel on SoundCloud. Hence, after listening to the original sound of the sun made available on various platforms by NASA, we can conclude that the viral claim is fake and can easily mislead people.






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