Did Kangana Ranaut leave India and is a Pakistani Citizen now ?

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Chill, She didn’t:)
On Twitter 2000 retweets of a tweet means something, it’s a big deal.

Handle’s Bio reads –

In fact such numbers are not usually seen even with Amitabh Bachhan or anyone else.
Further, the id @QueenRanaut had less that 2000 followers while Celebrities have Lakhs.
It follows mostly Pakistani Handles, political ones.
Doesn’t follow, tweet regarding movies at all.
And strangely this id made only 2 tweets, looks created only after the real Kangana Ranaut lime lighted in Media recently. Created just Last month. Claims the place to be Mumbai. Either it’s a use of Proxy or some real traitor resides in Mumbai.

And after all this, just one tweet, one day old has more than 2000 Retweets which has nothing to do with Movies and is against our PM.

Another tweet also shows Indian in poor light talking about 1965 war and it’s victory.

Wouldn’t have picked this up at all, a non existent twitter handle, but this looks very fresh and shows potential of fake news, rumor mongering affecting India

This Handle is following mostly Pakistani handles, no other Movie related handles/celebrities, Only people related to Pakistani Politics proves that this is a fake handle. More than 2000 retweets also proves that this is an organized effort by Pakistanis, which obviously is lame.

Given how such strategy was being misused in India, this would be used in Pakistan too.

Twitter is a social platform where celebrities, politicians, ministers handle their own account personally, so whatever they tweet is taken seriously by people. Directly from horse’s mouth you may say. So the screenshots of such tweets gets viral on WhatsApp which has the largest reach among people. One cannot be on twitter, not even on Facebook, may not be literate at all but usually they do have WhatsApp and whatever they revive on it, they end up falling for it.

In India it is being used on multilevel.
– some fake handles in the name of Celebrities with one particular agenda e.g in the name of Paresh Rawal, Jadeja, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Bobby Deol etc. The tweets are real but by fake id.
– Editing – People take screenshot of the original tweets from real celebrities and super impose the text by their won and again spread on WhatsApp.

The problem or the real reason behind fake news getting viral is, if people like the image/text they believe in it, no one asks for source because if they do, rumor mongers will get caught in the blink of an eye.

So this falls in the first category, fake handle under name of a celebrities. Now only the screenshot will spread like wildfire in Pakistan’s WhatsApp and Pakistani will end up believing this to be true. Their reaction will be “OMG!, India’s largest heroine is saying this, must be true”.

This is one more handle which could be real, she might have created, it has more than a lakh followers but doesn’t use it as last tweet was in 2013 and before that 2010.
There is no official/verified twitter account of hers yet.

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