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This chilling video of Volcano Eruption is not real.

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A chilling video is viral, mostly on WhatsApp claiming Volcano erruption of Mount Sinabung, North Sumatra, Indonesia on 9th June. The video shows the eruption coming from under a calm sea covering the CCTV which after the dust and ash settles, shows completely burnt neighborhood.







The viral video is computer generated and is not real. The video was uploaded on YouTube in 2017


What happens when an underwater volcano ERUPTS? Horror video shows catastrophe unfold

A TERRIFYING video has been released which shows the sheer destruction a volcano could cause if it erupted under the ocean off a coast.

By Sean Martin

“This is an educational simulation featured in the Auckland Museum Volcanoes Gallery of a volcano erupting. Read more about this gallery here.”


Further, although the viral video is not related but there really had been a volcano eruption with similar chilling videos




A vicious volcano eruption shook part of Indonesia on Sunday when it exploded. The Mount Sinabung volcano spewed ash into the air at 4.28pm local time.  A terrifying vast ash column shot into the atmosphere following the eruption. According to a Darwin VAAC report and ash was propelled 10 miles into the sky following the large explosion.

Huge clouds, known as pyroclastic flows, swept across the skies of Sumatra.There were no casualties reported following the terrifying eruption, Indonesia’s national volcano agency confirmed. Holidaymakers fled the area away from the ash following yesterday’s explosion. – Express.co.uk


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