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Delhi Health Minister didn’t say no one from Tableeghi Jamaat tested positive

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Claim: “दिल्ली के स्वास्थ्य मत्रीं सत्येन्द्र जैन ने कहा 30 हजार में से एक भी नही मिला मरकज़ में कोरोना पाॅजिटिव,मरकज के बाहर बैठा एक भिखारी निकला पाॅजिटिव”

Translation: Delhi’s Health Minister Satyendra Jain says that out of 30,000 there isn’t any COVID-19 positive in Markaz, only one person was tested positive who was a beggar sitting outside the Markaz.

Amidst the recent Tableeghi Jamaat incident in Delhi, a 16-second clip has been doing the rounds on social media in which Delhi Health Minister, Satyendra Jain is heard saying, “Nobody out of the 30,000 tested in Nizamuddin was tested positive for Coronavirus. Only a beggar was found positive who used to sit outside the Markaz.” The clipping went viral on Facebook and Twitter.


The video was shared on Facebook, by Anas Pathan with over 3000 shares.

The post was shared widely,



Nagma Morarji (Actor/Secular/Humanitarian believer Of Gandhijis quote “Julm Karna Paap Hai,lekin Julm sehna Usse bhi Bada Paap hai”Stand For truth. Rajiv Gandhi Awardee) tweeted the video,





Alt News found a TikTok video, which was then shared to Whatsapp, the video is no longer available but they did manage to get a screenshot.



Upon doing a reverse image search, lead to an interview by Satyendra Jain to ANI on 10th April, the video is of 1 minute.

In the video, talking about testing in Delhi and especially in the areas of Nizamuddin where the Markaz took place, he says that, “…जैसे निज़ामुद्दीन है, वहां पे 6000 घरों मे 30,000 लोगों को स्कैन किया. एक-एक आदमी को स्कैन किया और वहां पर हमें जो मरकज़ की वजह से एक आदमी पॉज़िटिव मिला जो मरकज़ के बाहर बैठके भीख मांगता था. बाकी कोई नहीं मिला अभी तक.”

The New Indian Express had reported that the testing will begin from the emerging hotspots- Nizamuddin and the Dilshad Gardens. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal was quoted saying, “We have ordered testing for around 50,000 people, and we have also ordered rapid testing rounds for 1 lakh people.”

In the entire video, Satyendra Jain does not refer to the Markaz, he clearly says that the 30,000 people of the 6000 houses in the Nizamuddin locality were tested. He refers to the rapid testing that was done in the Nizamuddin area by the Delhi government since the Tableeghi Jamaat took place there. He in no point mentions the testing of the Tableeghi Jamaat members who attended the Markaz, which took place in Mid-march. 

Alt News, in their fact check of the same incident, found out that LiveMint had published a report that Delhi government announced a five-point plan to deal with coronavirus, including treating up to 39,000 patients and conducting “rapid random” testing in hotspots.

They also found a news report by ANI which was published on April 9, in which Satyendra Jain was quoted saying,“Till now, there are 669 COVID19 positive cases including 426 cases from Markaz, in Delhi.”

Therefore, the video is taken out of context and spread to say that no one from the Tableeghi Jamaat was tested positive. 






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