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Little girl doing somersaults in not from India nor her name is Jaspreet Sandhu.

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A video of a little girl doing somersaults at a very fast speed on her phone has been circulated on various social media platforms claiming that the girl is Indian. The video went viral after the beginning of the Tokyo Olympics that are currently going on where India has won three medals so far. 

In the 55 seconds video, a small girl is seen doing somersaults at a very fast speed on the bed in her house. The misleading caption that is going viral along with the video reads- उम्र-6 साल, समय-53 सेकेंड, राउंड-80 अभ्यास जारी रखो भारत को आप जैसी बेटियों पर गर्व है…..वास्तव मे, भारत के बच्चो मे काबिलियत की कमी नही है

Translation- Age-6 Years, Time-53 Seconds, Round-80 Keep practicing India is proud of daughters like you…..There is no dearth of ability in the children of India.


An official Political page of Social Media and IT, BJP, Distt Gurdaspur had posted the video claiming that the girl in the video is Indian. The video has almost 3.9k views. 

Among the others, Jaspreet Sandhu who is a singer and a writer according to his Facebook profile also shared the same video with a similar caption. The video has almost 5.1 million views with almost 37K shares on the same video.


A few more viral posts can be seen on Facebook Page





The girl in the video is not from India but is Li Jiamin from China’s Shanxi province. 

While searching about the video, we did a reverse image search and found a news report by Indian Express dated 22 April 2021. The headline of the news report reads- ‘I am dizzy’: Little girl’s continuous back handsprings leave netizens in awe. According to this article, the little girl was identified as 6-year-old Li Jiamin. According to local reports, Li lives in China’s Shanxi province and her martial arts-trained father serves as her trainer.

Another report by Republic World dated 20 April 2021 wherein the same video has been played and the girl is identified as a Chinese girl doing 80 summersaults on loop. The headline of the news report reads- Little Girl Acing Somersault On Loop Leaves Netizens Stunned, Video Goes Viral. According to this report, the video went viral after a few days of uploading and people around the world are stunned by her acts.



We also found a video on Youtube that was uploaded by South China Morning Post which is a Hong Kong-based English-language newspaper owned by Alibaba Group. The video was uploaded on 25 August 2020. The description of the video reads- A 5-year-old girl from China’s Shanxi province can do 80 somersaults continuously in 1 minute. She has been practicing it for 1.5 years with her father and wants to break the Guinness World Record someday.

A similar video was reported by Newsflare uploaded in August 2020. According to this report, the video was filmed in the city of Xinzhou in Shanxi Province on August 16. It shows a girl named Li Jiamin doing continuous backflips. According to Li’s dad, Li was interested in somersaults when she was 4-years-old, so he trained her as he learned martial arts before. Li said her biggest dream is to enter the Guinness World Record.

We found some prominent people reacting to her video in different styles. One of them was Nadia Comaneci who is a Romanian retired gymnast and a five-time Olympic gold medalist.

Another one was Rex Chapman who is an American former professional basketball player and social media influencer.

Among the Indians, Manish Sharma who is a CEO of FinTech also reacted to her video in April 2021.

George Hahn who is an actor also replied to the video.

Eric Smith who is a TV Host also reacted to the 6 year old girl’s video.



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Shriya Handoo

MA- Journalism student at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications.