Old shocking video of a women mixing urine in food was falsely given a communal angle

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An unsettling video has been doing rounds of a women urinating and adding it into food has been going viral with a communal tilt.

Claim: The video is disturbing visuals of a women mixing her urine in the food in a kitchen. The viral claim is that she is a Muslim maid and her employer is a Hindu.

The message accompanied with the video reads,“मुकेश सूरी जी ने ‘हसीना’ नामक मुस्लिम नौकरानी को काम पर रखा और नौकरानी ने अपने इस्लामी मज़हब के अनुसार आचरण करना शुरू कर दिया!! अपने थूक और पेशाब से बना कर खिलाती थी खाना!”

Translation: Mukesh Suri hired a Muslim maid named ‘Hasina’ and the maid started to behave according to her Islamic religion !! Food was made from its spit and urine!


The video has been widely shared on Facebook with the above caption. The video is a news clips of News24 Channel and an anchor narrating about the incident. According to the video clip the incident happened in Bhopal and the lady works as a maid at Mukesh Suri’s house. The viral video doesn’t include any information about the maid. It has received over 3000 views.








Few Indians have shared the clip and caption on twitter.







This is a 9 year old video and is not related to any religion.
Video is from October 2011, The maid’s name was Asha Kaushal.

The actual incident has no communal angle to it. The video has a date and time stamp on top and it shows the date as 17th October, 2011. Following this information, with a key word search, it was found that Times of India and Dainik Jagaran have reported about the same when the incident occurred 9 years ago. The maid’s name was Asha Kaushal. She had given several reasons for her crime, one was the employer’s disagreeable behaviour towards her young daughter and she carried out the crime to teach the employer a lesson.

India Today claimed in an article where they fact checked the clip, claimed that they reached out to Praveen Dubey, a reporter from News24 and he denied the claim that the accused was Muslim.

The clip was paired with a wrong narrative to attack a particular community.


Source: Times of India


Source: Dainik Jagaran

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