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CJ Werleman tweeted a two year old lockdown video of cops beating men as recent with added communal color

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CJ Werleman, a journalist tweeted a video of cops beating up a man with claim that Hindutava radicalized cops are assaulting an elderly Muslim man.

He tweeted – Watch Hindutva radicalized cops brutally assauling an elderly Muslim man.



It’s been quoted by other verified handles too


Few others tweeted this too –


A Pakistan’s handle tweeted this too


The viral video is two years old when Police was quite strict about Lockdown and wasn’t related to religion.

News Nation ran the news on 7th April 2020 claiming the group also attacked the cops


The video was posted on 6th April 2020. You can watch the same video below from 30 seconds


CJ Werlemen have posted Fake News before too which we debunked then.


A verified twitter handle, CJ Werleman spread lies for communal hatred.

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