Anyone in turban doesn’t have to be Manmohan Singh or Navjot Singh Siddhu !

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A Photo of a man touching feet of Sonia Gandhi being shared claiming to be ex-PM Manmohan Singh. Same was viral in January 2017 claiming to be Navjot Singh Siddhu when he said he is a “Born Congressman” to join Congress.
False, Sweta Chakravarty claims him to be Manmohan Singh posted on 4th Oct 2017-
“This is the shameless PM ManmohanSingh touching feet of a Younger in age Lady …..
Bowing before Pappu’s Mother…. what a Chamcha.
See the pride on the face of Pappu
This is where Dynasty gets their entitlement
From the slavish mentality of our People
Worst picture of a #PrimeMinister I’ve ever seen..
Even if he wasn’t #PM the-then, he probably was much elder & learned then her.. 👊👊😈😈l
Look at the faces of people other then Mother-Son duo.. probably everyone is feeling shame on this act.. 😢😢
False, claiming to be Navjot Singh SIddhu
GettyImags holding Liscence of the photo claims him to be just “A representative “
“A representative touches the feet of Sonia Gandhi as Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi looks on during the Indian Youth Congress’s national level convention of Elected Office Bearers in New Delhi on Tuesday.
November 29, 2011 Licence” – GettyImages
SMHoaxSlayer debunked this in Jan 2017 too –
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