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A webseries scene shooting of a cop killing a couple is viral as real life murders.

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A video is viral in which a cop, following a minor altercation, can be seen firing on a man, followed by shooting the woman crying. You MUST read this article to become a fact-checker yourself. Some very simple things which others have missed that tells you the complete truth about this video.



It’s merely a scene from shooting of a upcoming webseries, not real.

As we always say, most of the times all the clues and proofs are in the viral video itself, one doesn’t have to check the fact checkers.

Fact checking the video –

  1. The quality of the video is much higher, likely taken by a professional camera and not a mobile
  2. The camera is steady, as if fixed on a tripod. If a passing by man was taking the video, his mobile would obviously shake, since he held it in his hand plus the shot firing makes one afraid trying to run away or hide behind some car etc, which in this case didn’t happen
  3. We observed the video frame by frame which gave us the proof. In both the shots, the man and the woman, they starting falling back even before the bullet hit them. check the screenshots comparison below

4. We also found a video published by Fact Cresendo of the shooting recorded by someone standing in the crowd.This video consists of two takes, in first the man didn’t fall, woman didn’t cry but in retake i.e. second try, he did but stood back.

In this it can easily be seen that the take was cut at one place and from 30 seconds, it can be seen that the woman didn’t react and the man stood up after being ‘killed’ LOL.

5. Further, The Car in the scene has the registration of Karnal, Haryana. This suggests the Mall in front of which this incident happened is also in Karna. So the Friends Cafe’

The Quint talked to the local police and the owner of the cafe, both confirmed this shooting was done in February 21. They also got hold of few photographs of the actors from the shooting too.

“We also got in touch with the owner of the cafe, Krishan Narwal, who, too, reiterated that it was a for a web series and was shot nearly three months ago. He further helped us get in touch with one of the actors seen in the video.

Following which, we contacted Vinay Kuhar, the man who can be seen playing the role of the cop in the video. He told us that this wasn’t a real incident and that they were shooting for a web series based on a real life incident.

“This video is from February and this is not even a real scene. This was a rehearsal take for a web series, which is based on the life of a judge who was shot by his security personnel in Gurugram in 2018. Someone from the crowd would have shot this on their phone and circulated it.”

Vinay Kuhar, Actor

He further shared some pictures from the same scene with us in which the three actors can be seen standing next to each other.”

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