Comparing the height gap between two basketball teams, none is not from India.

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A viral picture of two different basketball teams has been circulated on various social media platforms. The picture points out the height gap between the Under 16 girls Indian basketball team and the USA girls basketball team. The girls in the picture are standing in separate lines and the only red jersey is visible with the USA written on top of the jersey and the blue and white jersey has no such thing written.

The picture is being circulated with the caption “USA under 16 years old vs India under 16 years old.”

Even the picture has become meme material for most of the viewers on different platforms.



The photo of the two teams with a major height difference in women’s basketball team of USA and the other teams which is claimed to be an Indian team is becoming viral and a meme material showing the physical inequality between the Indian team and USA team.


The blue team is not an Indian team but El Salvador team. 

While searching more about the blue and white jersey team, we took the image to reverse google image search and found out a few tweets with the same picture but there was no mention of Indian team but El Salvador team.

Also, in the viral picture, in the blue and white jersey, the name of the country is not visible as it is visible in the jersey of the USA’s team. The original picture clearly shows the name of the country El Salvador name written on the team jersey.


Furthermore, the match live stream  has been uploaded by the Fiba- Basketball channel on Youtube.

We found a news coverage by the Columbia Broadcasting Service, dated 18th June 2019, on the same day when the match was held, that is on 18th June 2019.

U.S Women’s U16 basketball team beats El Salvador by nearly 100 points in a FIBA Americas tournament

Also, we found a video on youtube that was uploaded in 2020 from the match comparing both the team members.

The match was organized in 2019, USA vs El Salvador under 16 women’s American championship and not Indian under 16 women.







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Shriya Handoo

MA- Journalism student at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications.