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Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of UK, did not perform Shri Ram Abishek on 5th August, bhumi poojan day.

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A photo of the Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Mr. Boris Johnson is viral on social media claiming that he was captured doing “Abishek” of an idol of Lord Ram on 5th August the day of Bhumi poojan .

The picture is being circulated heavily on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter in which Boris Johnson can be seen performing rituals according to Hindu customs. Viral text with the photo claims that Boris did Ram abishek as he respects Hindu culture.



The tweet posted on 7th August displaying photo with the same caption claiming that Boris Johnson said he respects Hindu culture and which is why he did abishek of Lord Ram on 5th August got above 15,500 Retweets and 67,000 Likes.




These pictures are viral on whatsapp along with the text –


  “गर्व की बात है। भूमि पूजन के दिन इमगलैंड के प्रधानमंत्री बोरिस जॉनसन ने उनके आफिस में “श्री राम अभिषेक” किया। जय श्री राम
ये हर हिन्दू तक पहुंचना चाहिए, करो फारवर्ड 🙏🏻”

TRANSLATION“Something to be proud of. England’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson did Shree Ram Abhishek on 5th August, day of Bhumi Pujan, in his office. This should reach all hindus, do forward.”


The same picture being shared by several groups and accounts on Facebook with the caption –

” I’m a big fan of Indian Culture So I Did “SHRI RAM ABHISHEK” With Our Home minister at my Residence On 5th of August.”
Boris Johnson, PM, UK”

A Facebook page called The Wise Indian with above 80,000 likes has also shared the same picture



The photo is a year old, not related to 5th August  Bhumi Pujan.

The viral photo with several claims is actually from a ceremony which was held last year.



The tweet which is viral on twitter is originally tweeted by a fake account claiming to be UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


The picture is originally of a temple in north-west London which Boris visited in December 2019.

The photos posted on 8th Dec 2019 said

“Last night Boris Johnson visited the Hindu temple of Neasden in north-west London with Priti Patel.

“This temple is one of the greatest gifts to our country. It is brought to life by the amazing community spirit that inhabits it. You are giving back to our society through the great charitable work that you do. London and the UK are lucky to have you.” – Boris.”


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Harsh Kashiv

Journalism student and truth seeker.