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No, Nestle is not selling beef flavored Maggi in India

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Maggi has been a household name for instant noodles in India. Around mid- May various photos of this Nestle product went viral on internet claiming that maggi has started making beef flavored noodles.


A picture of maggi packet is making rounds on social media with the claim that Nestle has started putting beef in maggi. India being dominated by Hindus who consider cow as their sacred animal got all raged up and a new hastag- #मैगी_का_बहिष्कार_करो (Boycott Maggi) took over Facebook.

The following image has gone viral with claims similar to this-

#मैगी में #गोमांस का फ्लेवर डालना #शुरू कर दिया 😡😡
मैं आज से मैगी का #बहिष्कार करता हूँ , कृपया आप भी जो गाय को #माता का दर्जा देतें हैं मैगी #का बहिष्कार करें 🙏
Maggi now comes in beef flavor, I am boycotting maggi from today and I request you to do the same who consider cow to be our mother. Boycott Maggi.


The following post was uploaded by a Facebook user ‘Ajay Gupta’ on May 15th and garnered around 347 shares.

This is not the first time this post is viral. This post was also quite viral during march of this year and now has resurfaced on social media.


This post was shared in march by a facebook page ‘Jain Samachar’ and garnered over 3.2k shares.



The following post is not viral on twitter now but was in March.


The following post was tweeted by a user ‘हिन्दू राष्ट्रवादी’ (Hindu Rashtravadi) and has 115 shares.


Although Nestle does make Beef flavored Maggi but doesn’t sell in India.

The following claim is false. Beef flavored Maggi produced by Nestle is not for sale in India but is sold in countries like UK, New Zealand and Australia.

When searched for the term ‘beef maggi’ on Indian website of Nestle then it bore no results.

Following are the available noodles and instant food of maggi available in India. The following screenshots were taken from the food category of Nestle India website.

Beef products were not present on site of Nestle India at all.

Nestle does produce beef flavored maggi but it is only available for sale out of India. When this whole fake news appeared in March the official twitter handle of Nestle India replied to it’s costumer clarifying their doubts and concerns.


Hence the again viral claim is false.



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