An old photo of Lal Chowk, Srinagar is viral now with Indian flag digitally added on it.

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A photo of Lal Chowk, Srinagar is viral on social media with a Indian flag on the tower claimed as this happened first time in Indian history. Few images consist of two photos ‘then and now’ claiming earlier Lal Chowk didn’t have the flag, now it has.


Kapil Mishra, a BJP leader tweeted the image with text “Tiranga at Lal Chowk“, and by now has more than 7.1K retweets.


Jamyang Tsering Namgyal (Twitter Bio – State President @BJP4Ladakh | MP Lok Sabha – Ladakh | Ex. Chairman/CEC, LAHDC Leh | Ex. District President, @BJP4Leh ) tweeted –

“What has changed since #5Aug2019? Lal Chowk #Srinagar which had remained as symbol of #AntiIndia campaign by dynast politicians & #Jihadist forces, has now become Crown of Nationalism. #modihaitomumkinhai Thanks my countrymen for electing


Kirron Kher, actress, MP and  wife of Actor Anupam Kher tweeted



Paanamben Madaam, Member of Parliament (Loksabha) Jamnagar tweeted –


Asha Nakum (State IT Convener at BJP, UT of Dadra Nagarhaveli ) twitter


Gorakhnath Baba (Member of Legislative Assembly, Uttar Pradesh) tweeted






Update – 6th Aug 2021

R P Singh: National Spokesperson, BJP



Gajendra Chauhan


Navin Kumar Jindal, Media Head @bjp4delhi #Spokesperson, BJP








Uttar Pradesh Org –


Following post has been shared for more than 5100 times


Following post has been shared for more than 4200 times




News house

Newspaper Jagran posted an article based on same image


Front Page of Dainik Jagran

Source for above photo

Tweet archive

News Archive


News Nation, a news channel, published and article based on fake image –

Tweet Archive
News Archive


The photo is edited with Flag added on it digitally. The original photo is a decade old, Year 2010

The blog posted in 2010 published the same photo.


We have contacted the author of the article, Mr. Mubasshir Mushtaq, a freelance journalist. He claimed he himself took the photo and emailed us the original photo from which we found the photo was taken on 22nd June 2010 by Canon PowerShot S5 IS.

You can see complete EXIF data of the original photo here





The same photo has been used by few News houses 3 years ago, i.e. 2017.
News – “Shiv Sena sends a team to hoist Indian flag on Lal Chowk”

News 18

You can see a comparison between the now viral photo and the original old photo below which proves that the viral photo is  edited, not real.

You can see the same vehicles on same position, a man walking with bag in his hand. The red rectangle on top in viral image shows a light blue strip is added digitally to fit the flag.

The photo below is part of forensics of images and is an ELA (Error Level Analysis) of the viral image. Link of analysis

As shown in the red rectangle on the viral image above, you can see that it’s a flat color in the ELA screenshot below. The top part of the image is flat single color with flag on it. SO the original image was extended vertically (a light blue strip matching sky color) to fit the flag on it.


Further, the flag has been taken from a photo which only shows the blue sky.



Compare the flag parts of the original photo vs the one in viral image

Left is original, same has been used in the fake viral image

Complete Original photo

Further, the viral image is old. The building behind the tower has been renovated, canopies on the roof changed, entire building has been painted white.

Source for right image: Getty Images (rectangle added by SMHoaxSlayer)

The Tribune posted an article 2 days ago and shows the building in white color too.

2 days old video of a search operation by Army for safety on independence day also shows the same building in White Color, Source


Below is an year old ABP news video clip from Lal Chowk which also shows the renovated building is in white color



Tweeted on 7th August, you can see the building is in white color matching recent photos



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