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Last year’s video is viral claiming Police trying to contain Corona patients in China in Metro.

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A video is viral showing Police with weapons in hand, trying to contain passengers in a Metro Train. It’s claimed to be from China, trying to contain COVID-19 (Corona virus).

“हम यहां बैठकर.. व्हाट्सएप और फेसबुक पर.. कोरोना वायरस का मजाक उड़ाने में लगे हुए हैं 🤔
अगर.. कोरोना का असली कहर देखना है तो.. चाइना से आई इस वीडियो को देखें 👇👇
एक बार नहीं , दो बार नहीं , 3 बार बड़े ध्यान से देखें 👇👇 कि इस महामारी के शिकंजे में फंसे हुए लोगों को.. पकड़ने के लिए.. वहां पुलिस प्रशासन को कितनी दिक्कतें झेलनी पड़ रही हैं 👇👇 आपका दिल भी दहल उठेगा इस वीडियो को देखकर 👇👇

Translation – “We are sitting here .. on WhatsApp and Facebook .. engaged in making fun of the corona virus.
If you want to see the real havoc of Corona, then .. Watch this video from China.
Not once, not twice, 3 times, watch carefully 👇👇 to catch the people trapped in the grip of this epidemic .. how many problems the police administration has to face there 👇👇 Your heart will also be shocked Watching this video



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We just googled “China Metro Police”, which you can too, and checked videos and got found the truth.

This video is from Hong Kong, Sep 2019. Police trying to stop pre-democracy campaigners.

BBC Video


Dailymail UK article

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside Hong Kong’s international airport today to disrupt travel and try to bring global attention to their fight for democracy following another night of violent protests.

Operators of the Airport Express train said it had suspended services this afternoon, while black-clad protesters – hiding from CCTV cameras under umbrellas – built barricades at the airport bus station. 

Planes were taking off and landing with delays, but some passengers were forced to walk the last bit of their journey to the airport by foot, dragging their luggage behind them.

The MTR subway station in Tung Chung was closed and demonstrators smashed CCTV cameras and lamps with metal poles and dismantled station turnstiles.  

Protesters outside the airport today chanted ‘Fight for freedom! Stand with Hong Kong!’ as riot police watched on from inside the terminal building.

At least 26 flights from Hong Kong and 17 to the city had been canceled as of 7.55pm local time, the South China Morning Post newspaper reported, citing information from the airport.

Passengers arriving downtown on a ferry from Lantau Island, where Tung Chung is located, were being searched by police and asked for identity cards, the newspaper said.”

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