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A three year old video of Ganesh Kohli is viral as of Google CEO Sunder Pichai.

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A video in which a man travels to meet an elderly woman claiming to be his teacher is viral on many social media platforms with the following text :

“Sunder Pichai Google CEO visiting his maths teacher after 27 years at her residence in Mysore. See his human nature.”

Claim: The viral video claims to be of  Google CEO Sunder Pichai who met his maths teacher after 27 years.


Many twitter handles also tweeted the same viral video claiming it to be Google CEO Sunder Pichai meeting his teacher after 26 years.




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The viral video is three years old, of Ganesh Kohli not Sunder Pichai

Ganesh Kohli is a teacher and an educationist who had founded and nurtured many organizations for the last 20 years. He also founded the IC3 Movement which will be impacting around 175000 high schools in next 15 years. The IC3 Movement also supports free education for school teachers so that they become trained career and school counselors.

Ganesh Kholi learnt about this viral misinformation and himself cleared on Twitter.


You can see the comparison of both the faces, the left one is Ganesh Kohli from the viral video while in right is the Google CEO, Sunder Pichai


Nadeem – Small detail of why he went to meet teacher Molly and where


Screenshot of the original video uploaded 3 years ago on YouTube, on 1st Sep 2017

You can see his name in complete video

Following is the 3 years old original complete video –


Mohd Nadeem Siddiqui

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