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No! Sachin Pilot did not blacken Narendra Modi’s face!

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While the Rajasthan Elections have come to an end, there has been intense spread of fake propaganda in the light of the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. The latest target of this mudslinging in Rajasthan has been none other than the state’s Deputy Chief Minister, Sachin Pilot. An image (with bad quality) of a Congress worker blackening a flex banner of Narendra Modi with paint has become viral, with people uploading the image on Facebook and forwarding it on WhatsApp. The image has also received a lot of backlash because the person in the image bears some resemblance to Pilot.

The posts had first become viral on Facebook, with several Facebook users from Rajasthan sharing the post. Links are also given below for referral, below the images.


Naresh Kaushik’s post has been shard by more than 2000 people



There was an incident where in fact, the person in the photograph is Satyajeet Tambe, a Maharashtra Youth Congress Committee leader and MLA of Ahmednagar City, who was responsible for this action. Moreover, there were tweets with the same image in October 2018. Tambe had done this as a mark of protest against the increasing fuel prices across the country.

The image given above was cropped to remove the Marathi text on the banner and was sent ahead as a forward, which many people from Rajasthan fell prey to. The posts were put up first by Maharashtra’s BJYM (Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha) Chapter on 11th October, 2018 and was condemned by many people during that time.

Original Image with Marathi Text above



There is a video which verifies this claim, which is posted by Tambe himself.

Here is the original video:

More Fakes


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Shoubhik Ghosh

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