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A 2 years old video from China is shared as Zee news employee beating up a doctor.

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Twitter handle @ShantiSeAshanti has recently shared a CCTV footage of a man beating a doctor in the hospital. The tweet has been posted with a caption which reads “Viral video of Zee News staff member assaulting doctor refusing to get tested. Can we share this like a few thousand times before checking for authenticity like news channels do.”

This video has been shared in the backdrop of an article posted by Scroll. It threw light on the 28 employees of Zee who tested positive for Covid-19. The same can be read here


Neha was the first one to post this video. This tweet has acquired more than 5.6K retweets so far.

There is another twitter account who posted the same video with a slightly different caption:

Check tweet here



The video is 2 year old, from China.

On using the keyframes of this video on reverse image search we found out that this video was originally uploaded on October 14, 2018 by China Global Television Network (CGTN). The incident, however, occurred in the month of September in 2018 when the husband and daughter of a pregnant woman tried beating up a gynecologist. This happened because the doctors of Peking University First Hospital refused a cesarean delivery.


“Security footage from the hospital show Dr. He being punched and kicked in the head and stomach by the patient’s family members, leaving him with multiple fractures, according to his colleague” was mentioned on the report published by CGTN.

You can read the report here 

This on the other side is one of the comments that the user put across, herself, to mock how news channels work these days. “Can we share this like a few thousand times before checking for authenticity like news channels do.” is what she wrote in the caption and this comment “We will provide proof maybe after a few lakh views and if found wrong will issue regret statement like news channels do” mocks the whole trajectory on which news channels move. This caption along with the comment clearly claims that giving away fake news and looking for its authenticity after making it viral is a common practice on which mainstream media operates.

This, therefore, depicts clearly that an old video has been used to bring down the reputation of news channels amidst these testing times and zee news was kept as the target of this entire claim.

The above tweet is another major part of the entire story where Sudhir Chaudhary steps up to stop this fake news from spreading. He has asked masses to not trust it and also announced that they would proceed legally on this, now.

Kashish Arora

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