A Surat waiterless restaurant serving beef on toy train ?

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Is that a waiterless restaurant in Surat which is automated to serve beef, hamburgers, hotdogs directly to the tables by toy train ?

A video is viral claiming this is a restaurant in Surat and few attributed it to Gujarat development too but is false.

A portal OneIndia made a video wrongly claiming the same

Truth: It’s Kansas, US, not India

Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant

Fritz’s is famous for old fashioned hamburgers made with 100% choice ground beef, grilled onions seared in the meat, toasted buns and always “cooked to order” just the way Fritz’s dad served them at his Kansas City, Kansas location, John’s Place, dating back to the 1920’s. In 1954


Daily mail says 

A hamburger restaurant has taken fast food to the next level by using miniature trains on a model railway track to deliver orders to tables.

Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant in Kansas City has been in operation since 1954 when it was set up by the original owner and his wife Virginia Kropf following his return from the navy.

The fifties-style drive-in restaurant was a success from the off and Fritz added a second location in Kansas City in the mid-60s, according to the company website. “

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