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A short video viral as “Warrior saying goodbye” to family is not real, it’s from a film.

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An old video showing a man wearing battle clothing saying a heartfelt goodbye to his mom and sibling while in an assault, where shots can be heard, is doing the rounds via social media.


Viewers shared a video on various social platforms claiming that, the soldier bidding farewell to his family during a war.





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However, when tracked down it was found that the video was a cut adaptation of a short film named Dialing, which shows a mother of an expired Iraqi fighter attempting to reach her child while dismissing any proof of his demise.

The viral clip is a edited clip taken from 2015 is from an Iraqi short film Dialing and is not from a real incident as falsely claimed online. The original you tube video can be found here.  The viral part of the video can be seen in the beginning of the you tube video. It was uploaded on 2 July 2015 with the title: ‘Bahaa Al Kazemi – Calling in progress’. The film had premiered at the Dubai International Film Festival in 2015, and the trailer was uploaded on its official YouTube channel.

snapshot of the original film


Hence , the video viral on Facebook is a fabricated piece picked up from a short Iraqi film and is not to be considered true.

Deeksha Devadiga

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