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Jammu’s picture shared as Delhi’s on the day of Navaratri, amidst coronavirus lockdown

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Claim: Two images are being shared on social media platforms with claims that they are from Delhi. One image where a security personnel is seen standing on an empty road is taken during the time of Navaratri and the other image where the streets are filled with people amid coronavirus lockdown is taken during the time of Ramazan. It is also claimed that these pictures have been published by news agency ANI.

However, one of the image claiming to be from Delhi is actually an image from Jammu and it is not taken during the festival Navaratri.



The post was shared by multiple users on Facebook with the same caption that says “ये हैं अरविंद केजरीवाल की दिल्ली की तस्वीरें, जो आज न्यूज एजेंसी ANI ने पब्लिश की हैं! इस देश मे सारे कानून नियम केवल हिन्दूओं के लिए ही बने है”
Translated to “This is Arvind Kejriwal’s Delhi, these pictures were published by news agency ANI today. Every law in this country is made for Hindus only.”

The archive can be seen here.



The same misleading post was shared on Twitter also.

The tweet can be seen here and archived version here.



One of the images of empty streets with a police personnel standing alone was claimed to be on Delhi during the time of Navaratri but that image is from Jammu. There is a police barricade which says “JMC” which is Jammu Municipal Corporation and also a bike with “JK” on its number plate which signifies the Jammu and Kashmir. These attributes confirms that the image is taken in Jammu.


Moreover, this same image was also shared by India Today in one of their article with the headline: “Jammu and Kashmir a week into nationwide coronavirus lockdown.” on 1st April 2020.


This particular image is obtained through the news agency, PTI and not through ANI, as claimed.

While the other image claimed to be taken during Ramazan, is indeed from Delhi.

The second image from the viral post which has ANI stamp on it, was shared by the news agency on 24th April. The viral picture is the third image in ANI’s tweet and is from a market in Shastri Park area in northeast Delhi. It is relevant to note that Ramazan began on 23 April this year.

The tweet can be seen here and has been archived here.

A news report from India TV news also mentions that even amidst the lockdown, people in huge numbers were seen in northeast Delhi. “Even as a lockdown remains in place, crowds were seen thronging a market in North East Delhi’s Shastri Park on Friday. The gross violation in the country’s national capital comes as a shocker especially at a time when the cases of the coronavirus have moved past 23,000 with over 700 deaths. Violating the norms of social distancing, crowds were moving around freely in the market. Some police officials could also be spotted in the pictures that were posted by news agency ANI,” the report stated.

Hence, the post is misleading as it wrongly claims Jammu’s picture to be Delhi’s picture during Navaratri.

Rujuta Thete

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