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That’s NOT IAF Pilot Abhinandan dancing with Pakistani Soldiers.

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A video is viral where few man in army uniform are dancing to music claimed as IAF Pilot Abhinandan is dancing with Pakistani Soldiers.

The man claimed as Abhinandan is in different uniform than others.

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The man claimed as Abhinandan is one Pakistani Air Force  Pilot.

You can see their faces don’t match. The man in the video (Left is semi-bald and doesn’t have mustache like Abhinandan (right)

Plus the man in the video is having Flag of Pakistan on his shoulder on Uniform

The video was posted on Internet on 5 days or earlier

A Facebook Page named Dugdugee posted this on Sunday while Abhinandan entered Pakistani after Sunday.

“Dear all, in the heat of battle discussions, lets enjoy some joyous moments of our PAF Officers & Soldiers!

#AbBajayGi #Dugdugee #PakistanAirForce #PakArmy #HeatOfBattle #PakIndiaWar #PakistanSoldiers #PAF”


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