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This copper box with a letter inside wasn’t found in Ayodhya and is not related to India.

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A video clip is viral claiming a copper letter box is found while leveling God Ram’s birthplace.

Viral: “राम जन्मभूमि के समतलीकरण में निकली तांबे की पत्र पेटी और उसके अंदर सुरक्षित रखा एक पत्र।
Translation:The copper letter box in the leveling of the Ram Janmabhoomi and a letter kept inside it.


The tweet by puspendra kulshresth , a fake account has been retweeted more than 2900 times


Above ID tagged “Lalitesh Kushwah” whose tweet was retweetd 869 times




The video is not from Ayodhya, the contents also are not related to India

1. There is no such news in credible media anywhere of this discovery.

2. The video was first uploaded on 10th April 20, while the leveling in Ayodhya started in May 20 when many new things were found and many Fake News also were spread.

3. The symbols on the pipe and on the paper are of Jewish origin while the letters on the paper are from Hebrew script.

Outside Symbols

The outside of the box/pipe has two symbols –
Hamsa – (looks likes a palm) The Hamsa represents God’s hand, in all faiths it is a protective sign. It brings its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. 
Menorah – (Looks like a candle stand) Represents the Temple in Jerusalem. Appears in the Emblem of Israel.

Inside while opening, the first symbol is a Menorah with rampant lions on both sides

Text on the paper is in Hebrew, not Sanskrit or Hindi

The handle on the instagram has ancient coins and archeoligcal findings as his/her hobby, posted few more similar video –





Many such Fake News were spread relating to on going work in Ayodhya

Old Images from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bihar used to claim Buddha statues found in Ayodhya

The Ram, Lakshman and Sita idols were not excavated from Ayodhya but from a village in Jharkhand last year.

The Shivlinga in the photo was not found in Ayodhya excavation, but in Farrukhabad in 2016

No, this is not an artifact found during the Ram Mandir excavation in Ayodhya


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