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Were these two men caught for Naai Jihaad, using infected blades to spread AIDS ?

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An image is viral on WhatsApp and other social media platforms with photo of two men arrested by Police claiming these two are barbers and they are being paid to use AIDS infected blade on clients of other religion to infect them.

‘एक मुलले  ने पुलिस के सामने कुबूल किया है कि मस्जिदों में नाई जेहाद के लिए पैसा मिलता है
जिसमें हिंदुओं को,,,एड्स,,,के ब्लेड से हल्का सा चीरा लगाया जाता है

ओर ज्यादा से ज्यादा लड़कों को अंदरूनी युद्ध के लिए तैयार किया जा रहा है

आपको अपने सबसे प्यारी व्यक्ति की कसम सभी नजदीकी लोगों को बताना कि किसी हिंदू नाई से ही सेव व कटिंग किराये ’

Translation: A Muslim confessed in front of police that they are paid in Mosques for “Barber Jihad” in which Hindu’s skin is cut lightly with a blade infected with AIDS.

More and more boys are being prepared fro internal war

you are sworn by the person you love most, that you tell all close ones, to get hair cut and shaving done only by Hindu barbers





The image used in this Hoax is 6 years old. A Bhojpuri actor, Irfan was arrested for credit card etc fraud in Year 2013

India TV Published on Jul 17, 2013 on YouTube
Mumbai Police have arrested from Bihar’s Chhapra district, a renowned Bhojpuri actor Irfan Khan and his friend Sanjay Yadav on charges of stealing credit cards, cheque books and bill books, and then purchasing valuables



Mumbai, Jul 18: Mumbai Police have arrested from Bihar’s Chhapra district, a renowned Bhojpuri actor Irfan Khan and his friend Sanjay Yadav on charges of stealing credit cards, cheque books and bill books,  and then purchasing valuables.
Gold ornaments, 30 stolen credit cards, 17 cheque books and a bill book were seized from the duo, said Vivek Shendye, police inspector.
Police swung into action when a businessman from Amboli  complained that his credit card was stolen and used by thieves. Police checked CCTV footage and found Irfan Khan in the act. 
Sanjay Yadav used to help him in disposing off gold ornaments bought on stolen credit cards, for which he used a bill book, said Shndye. Irfan Khan has so far acted in two Bhojpuri films, and two other films were on the floors.

SourceIndia TV


Further, No such report has been published in any credible media as far as we could find.

Also HIV Virus of which causes AIDS can’t survive long in open air.

We found a doctor’s reply on the same issue on a website “Practo” which helps in booking appointments and tests with various specialized doctors


Hiv from barber shop? 

What is the risk of HIV transmission through a razor cut at a barber shop? If an pimples on face.  Last month 5 this happened. I remember that barber had changed the blade but razor was old,  there was small  blood which he cleand with water.   I got hiv 1 and 2 test done after 37 days.  Result was negative. 


Dr. Chethan R S

General Physician 5 yrs exp Bangalore
The basic answer to your concerns is no, HIV cannot be transmitted by a contaminated razor. HIV is an extremely weak virus and dies once exposed to the air. It cannot live outside the body. Sharing razors is generally not considered good hygiene for the same reasons as sharing a tooth brush or eating utensils. There is a possibility for Hepatitis (A/B/C) as this virus is much stronger than HIV and can live 3-4 days on a surface outside the body. I am 100% sure HIV cannot be passed in this manner because it is impossible and there has never been a confirmed report of transmission in this manner anywhere in the world.
Note – But above reply doesn’t rule out the possibility of the same act though, for example, if the same blade was used on an HIV+ patient just few minutes before, using it on you may result in affecting you too

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