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A CCTV footage of a theft in a temple is viral with misleading communal angle.

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A video is viral showing three men stealing parts of a Shivling, likely made up of silver. he claim viral along with the video is that all three were arrested by police and came out to be Muslims.

The text viral along with the following text –

“कच्छ के मकेश्वर महादेव मंदिर को आतंक👇वादी चरम👇पंथियों ने लूटा जिसमें तीन नाम शामिल हैं
मोहम्मद, युसूफ, रजाक
जागो हिन्दू, जागो,
जब आपके घर पर आतंकी कब्ज़ा कर लेंगे, तब तक बहुत देर हो चुकी होगी, समय से पहले जाग जाओ.”

Translation:Kutch’s Makeshwar Temple has been robbed by Terrorist extremists consisting of three names – Mohmmed, Yusuf, Razzak.
Wake up Hindus. You’ll wake up only when terrorists will take over your homes, better wake up before it all happens.”


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The police gave out three names which are of two different religions –

  1. Ramtu Arjan Kher,
  2. Kalpesh Prakash Natt,
  3. Samandarkhan Chandkhan Pathan

SP West Kutch Police replied to one of the tweets with same claim, in two parts –

“The video is of temple theft in Mahakaleshwar temple in Anjar that was detected by Local Crime Branch of Kutch(East).Three accused have been arrested – Ramtu Arjan Kher, Kalpesh Prakash Natt, Samandarkhan Chandkhan Pathan so far. Police is working on to arrest the others.” – Source

“The names mentioned in tweet by

are not accused in this case. Please don’t spread rumours without verifying the facts. Promoting enmity,hatred,disharmony between different groups on grounds of religion is a punishable offence under Sec 153A of the IPC.” – Source


Similar thefts in temples were made in the same area.

Further details were published by Gujarati News18 Channel


Below is the Press Note released by the East Kutch Police

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