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A 6 years old photo of Sikhs offering food via Langar Truck is viral claimed as recent from Ukraine

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A Photo of people eating food from a Langar Truck with name “Guru Nanak’s Langar Good Bye Hunger” is viral claiming to be recent from Ukraine helping the people.

A popular daily Newspaper “Dainik Bhaskartweeted (Now deleted but archived)


The following tweet has been retweeted for more than approx 4500 people

Yogita Bhayana (Anti Rape Activist || Fighting Against Gender Violence ||Motivational Speaker || Founder@pariforindia||Humanity Matters||Animal lover) tweeted


The following Facebook post by Anis Jahan has been shared y approx 2300 people



This image is approx 6 years old, not from the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

The earliest upload we could find was on a Facebook Page on 21st November 2016 claiming this as UK.

This post was made in 2017

We also found 2018 tweet claiming this to be Canada.



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