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Is this picture of stranded Indian migrant workers amidst Covid-19 lock down?

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A photo of a group of men sleeping and cramped on the floor has been going viral with different descriptions attached to it.

“ये फोटो #गुजरात का बताया जा रहा है। इनको भुल जाओ और जमाती में फंसे रहे??? इसको कहते है राजनीति असल मुद्दा से नजर हटाना और धर्म और जात पात में उलझा देना हाय रे हमारे भारत वासियों”
Above text is viral with the image

Translation: This photo is said to be from Gujarat. Forget them and stay trapped in the caste??? This is called politics, to remove the eyes from the real issue and to complicate the religion and caste.


One of the text attached on the image reads: “These Helpless People are not Tablighis, They are Poor Hindus Who are Stranded due to Lockdown .Has any TV Chanel discussed This.” The caption with the image was, “Our Media is busy in taking dictation from Modi!”


One of the viral claim on Facebook states that this image is from Gujarat and is of migrant workers who are stuck due to the COVID-19 lockdown and the claim points hands at the politics at play.





The same photo has been shared with an added text above the image stating that the people sleeping in the image are poor Hindus who are stranded due to the lock down.




The photo has also been shared on Twitter by few.






The people in the photo are Bangladeshi immigrants stuck in Malasiya, not related to CoronaVirus Outbreak

Upon doing a reverse image search, it was found that this image is not even from India. It is a picture of Bangladeshi immigrants in Malaysia. The picture has nothing to do with India and the people in it are not Indians amidst the Covid-19 lock down.

The photo is from December, 2019 when Malaysian government had fixed a deadline for all illegal immigrants to leave to their native countries. Articles about this incident have been published in multiple news websites like JagoNews24 and MatOPath. The articles in Bangla aloing with the pictures narrate about the plight, poor conditions and problems faced by the non-residents Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia.


Source: MatOPath


Source: JagoNews24

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