​History rewritten by #FakeNews. Is that real photo of Tipu Sultan ? Did he Time Travel to future ?

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History rewritten by #FakeNews. Is that real photo of Tipu Sultan ? Did he Time Travel to future ?

For a long time this photo has been making rounds on social media claiming to be of real Tipu Sultan.

So is this a proof of Time Travel ?

As the records says, he died in 1799 when no camera was invented at all. So this could be his painting though but no proof anywhere. The man in photo could be anyone, some king from after invention of camera, or even a painting.

The first and oldest photograph discovered is from year 1826.

He should have traveled to 2017 and take selfies with our leaders 😉

Lie claiming Tipu Sultan’s real photo:

Shefali Tiwari –

CEO of UttarPradesh.org

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Everybody must share this and expose this fanatic tyrant!

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Death Date of Tipu Sultan: 

First Photograph ever taken:



Real Photo of Tippu Tip from Zanzibar, Africa


Posted in 2004 – http://www.vikingsword.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/002674.html


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