PM Modi is not elected as the Chairperson of 153 countries as claimed in an old viral video.

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A video of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is getting viral on several social media platforms with a claim Modi ji was elected as the Chairperson of 153 countries

Viral Text along with the video-“मोदी जी को 153देशो का अध्यक्ष चुना गया मुझे गर्व है मेरे देश के शेर पर विदेशो मे कोई भारत को जानता नही था आज मोदी जी वहा के मुख्या है “

Translation: Modi ji was elected as the Chairperson of 153 countries, I am proud of the lion of my country Modi Ji as no one in foreign countries knew India earlier, today Modi ji is the chief of that country.

Claim: The video claims to be of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi being welcomed on stage after being elected as president of 153 countries.


A Facebook page which is named आदर्श व्यवस्था निर्भीक संस्थान shared the viral video which gathered 41K views till date. We also saw the same viral video being shared by several other people on Facebook.


We also found out that the same video was being shared on Twitter in 2018  also.


No the claims made in the viral video are not true.

With the help of keyframes in this video, we ran a reverse image search. This search led us to the official youtube channel of Narendra Modi.

As per the time stamp on this video, this event was live-streamed on this channel on 28th September 2015.

The viral video is cut from 1:55:50 hrs.

In this event, PM Narendra Modi arrived to address the Indian American community at the SAP Center in California. We also found a Business Standard article from 29th September 2015.

The article stated that According to the report, this was the second day of Narendra Modi’s trip to the West Coast. The report read, “The only ‘news’ amongst all this was that now Air India flights will fly direct flights from New Delhi to San Francisco thrice a week. Modi made this announcement at the end of an hour-long speech.”

Therefore there was no mention of PM Narendra Modi being appointed as the President of 153 nations. This sounds like a very strange claim. There is no such post in which a head of state can be made the president of hundreds of countries.


Mohd Nadeem Siddiqui

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