Yes, it’s Photoshopped but nothing’s wrong. @bonthurammohan is showing us the probable future.

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Yes, it’s Photoshopped but nothing’s wrong. @bonthurammohan is trying to show how it will look after implementation. He ain’t claiming it’s done already.

Last few years threw so many photoshopped images to us, few falsely claiming achievements, few showing someone in bad light that we are so annoyed, we just wanna jump and shout “Gotcha!” 
And as our human nature is, we never read the text, just images and pass our judgement.

Infact same happened on this page too few times.

Hyderabad Mayor Mr. Bonthu Ramamohan used Photoshop to give an idea to people how that place will look like once they implement the idea.
You can clearly see it’s Photoshopped as everything else is same, people walking at the place are same.
Dont jump the gun. Always observe. Read the text too.


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