This Rs. 200 Note is fake but not sure of Nano GPS Chip though. 

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This Rs. 200 Note is fake but not sure of Nano GPS Chip though. Zee’s Sudhir Ji can only confirm it.
This I can confidently say is the best Photoshop work since Nov 16. The con artist took care of background even. The Zero he/she deleted, replaced it with background, but missed the bleeding lines.

As They say, every criminal leaves some proof, so did this con artist. And like Holmes of Baker Street, SMHoaxSlayer too have keen eyes.
This original note was of Rs 2000, as can be deducted by 

– One zero missing from bottom right Rs.200, its not in centre, third zero has been erased.

– 6 Bleeding lines on right side are visible, 7th might be under the finger. Rs. 2000 Note has 7 Bleeding lines.

The con artist missed to remove lines from right side too.
These Bleed Lines are meant for Visually impaired to recognize the Note denomination/value. So one not can not have two different number of lines on different sides.

Rs. 500 has 5 lines on both sides.
Rs. 2000 has 7 different Lines.

Identification marks

Besides, there are features to help the visually impaired identify the notes. Just above the Ashoka Pillar emblem are identification marks — horizontal rectangle in ₹2,000 notes and circle in ₹500 notes with the currency denomination printed inside. Also, there are angular bleed lines — 7 in ₹2,000 notes and 5 in ₹500 notes — on the far left and right sides of the notes. The identification marks, bleed lines, the Mahatma Gandhi portrait at the centre and the Ashoka Pillar emblem are printed in raised ink, helping the visually impaired and also adding to the security features.

Take a look at the note’s reverse side too. It has the year of printing on the top left, the Swachh Bharat logo with slogan in the white panel, the language panel towards the centre with the currency mentioned in 15 regional languages the country, and the note’s motif towards the right — Mangalayan in the ₹2,000 note and the Red Fort in the ₹500 note. Source: http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/portfolio/beyond-stocks/features-of-new-two-thousand-rupee-note/article9338919.ece

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