Was dog meat found in Ashoka Hotel raid ?

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A message is viral that on a raid Dog Meat was found in Ashoka Hotel. Ironically the city of Ashoka Hotel is different in messages, some claim Nagpur, some say Jammu but mostly call it Howrah, Kolkata which actually is right city.



You can check this link for more – https://twitter.com/search?q=ashoka%20hotel%20dog&src=typd



While the name Ashoka Hotel, Howrah is true in this case, the raid was for Stale meat, not dog meat and other eateries were raided too under same case.

The issue was that many eateries were found to be used very old, stale meat mixed with new in their dishes.

A Twitter Handle claiming to be SSP Dehradun clarified but the handle is not verified so not credible

Times of India reported on 3rd May –

KMC team inspects Kolkata eateries, destroys 100kg stale meat 

Saikat Ray| TNN | May 3, 2018, 21:33 IST

A 70-member team from the KMC headquarters comprising officials from health and solid waste management conduct… Read More
KOLKATA: A Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) team on Thursday raided a number of restaurants and eateries around New Market where it seized and destroyed over 100kg stale meat.
The team also collected samples of meat from a well-known chain restaurant and several other restaurants in and around Chowringhee area. These samples will be sent to state forensic laboratory for testing.A second team of KMC food inspectors accompanied by Enforcement Directorate (ED) officials raided several restaurants in Beliaghata area. The joint team collected samples of meat from these restaurants.A 70-member team from the KMC headquarters comprising officials from health and solid waste management conducted the surprise raid around noon.

The team led by Atin Ghosh, member, mayor-in-council overseeing the KMC health department first went to Lindsay Street and entered into a renowned fast food chain for collection of chicken sample. The team then visited several other restaurants in the New Market and Dharmatolla area.

Later, the KMC food inspectors destroyed the meat collected from roadside restaurants and eateries.

“In the wake of a public health threat arising out of presence of a stale meat racket, our raids will continue across the city. We will collect meat and sent the same to state forensic laboratory and a portion of the samples to private labs as the state forensic laboratory takes time to examine meat samples,” Ghosh said.

The MMiC however maintained that the drive against sale of stale meat was taking a backseat because of non-cooperation from police.

The photos of Dogs used in the Fake News are years old and from different places

First photo of a dog with skin hanging is from Year 2011 or before

Second Photo is from Year 2012


Third Photo is from 2013 –

Here is the video of the Raid where people themselves are saying the meat is old and there is no mention of dog meat anywhere

For more details you can watch the following



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