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Two videos are viral wrongly claimed as CCTV footage of Pulwama terror attack.

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On 14th February 2019 in Pulwama, Kashmir an IED borne vehicle rammed into a CRPF convoy killing at least 44 jawans. This deadly attack was carried out by Pakistan based Jaish-e-Mohammad, a terrorist organization who confessed to the attack.

Following this tragic incident, lots of websites and social media accounts have come up with fake videos of the attack. Titled as ‘Pulwama blast CCTV footage’, these videos have been circulating on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites. There are two such videos which are doing rounds on the internet.

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The Truth

For Video.1:

The original video dates back to 2007 i.e. 12 years. It was posted on YouTube from a channel named ‘ShooterRaptor’. The video is titled ‘Truck blast in Iraq’ which shows a bomb blast that took place in Iraq. The original video has been used and re-used multiple times by various websites under different titles. It has been shared, retweeted or forwarded extensively under ‘Pulwama attack CCTV Footage’ to spread the fake news.

The original Video:

The video also exists at a Finnish website where it has been uploaded by Tomi Tractor ( Username: Jylppy69). The date on which it was published is 24th October 2007.

This video also exists as a GIF, available on various social media platforms. One such post exists on Reddit.

Car bomb from WTF


More such fakes 

In some of the videos circulated, there is a watermark ‘@army_news’ which indicates that the video was picked up from an Instagram handle by the same name. This Instagram account is based on the Russian Army.

(Translation of the caption): Watch until the end! The explosion is the most powerful, most likely the convoy was carrying explosives.

Video 2:

The original video was posted 3 days prior to the Pulwama terror attack. Dated 12th February 2019, this video shows a car bomb detonating at a checkpoint situated on the outskirts of the Syrian town named al-Rai. This checkpoint is situated near the Turkish border. The explosion took place at the checkpoint some 5 km away from the border thus injuring three policeman and four civilians. This video started touring the internet under the caption ‘Pulwama attack CCTV Footage’.

Original video:

More Such Fakes

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