The viral video of a naked man breaking glass doors is not from India.

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The following text is viral with a video of a naked man creating ruckus in a qurantine centre is viral on many of the social media platforms.
“देखिए 14 दिन के एकांतवास में भी इन तबलीगी जमात के लोगों ने अश्लीलता और आतंक मचा रखा है…… कोरोंनटाइन में जमकर किया हंगामा#सरम नाम की सारी हदें कर दी पार#खेला नंगा नाच.वीडियो हुवा वाइरल# प्रशासन है इन लोगो से परेशान#”


Claim: The video claims to be of a person who was a part of Nizamuddin Markaz and now kept in a quarantine center. This person is creating ruckus at the quarantine center and now walking naked in front of the people in the center.






The viral video is not of recent and it is an old video dated 25th august 2019 and it is from Karachi, not India. With the help of reverse image search of the keyframes from the viral video, we came to know about the complete video from which the video clip was cut and made viral with the irrelevant claim. The viral video clip starts from the 21-second time slot of the below-given video.


The video has been uploaded on 25th august 2019 much before the Nizamuddin Markaz episode occurred. We also saw that the description written about the video was in Urdu which translates An unidentified man broke into the Khalid Bin Walid mosque in the Hadith School District, located at Gulshan-e-Hadid Phase 2 Double Road in Karachi, and this person lay down at the imam’s place after the glasses were damaged. Therefore in our investigation, it was found that this video is an old one and it does not have any relation with any member of Nizamuddin Markaz who is staying in quarantine these days.

Mohd Nadeem Siddiqui

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Mohd Nadeem Siddiqui

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