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The viral video of Late Rishi Kapoor in a hospital bed with a fan singing is more than two months old.

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A viral video of Late Rishi Kapoor listening to the song of one of his movies while lying on a bed in the hospital is viral on all social media platforms since this morning.

Claim: The video claims to be the last alive video of Late actor Rishi Kapoor who was admitted to the hospital on 29th April 2020 and he is listening to one of his movie’s songs from a fan.









Even reputed media houses like news 18 also quoted that this is the last video of Late Rishi Kapoor in hospital.























Truth :

This video was uploaded on YouTube on 3rd Feb 2020


We can not confirm if this was Late Rishi Kapoor’s last video but it certainly was not yesterday’s as many are claiming.

With the help of keyframes in this video, we reversed search this video on Yandex and found a link of a YouTube channel named as Dheeraj Kumar Sanu on which this video was first uploaded as far as we could find, plus the uploader also didn’t mention the date of the video so it could probably by much older too.



The description of this video states that this video was uploaded on 3rd February 2020.





















Therefore in our investigation, it was found that this viral video is not from last night 29th April 2020 instead it is an old video dated 3rd February 2020. Therefore the claims made regarding this video were found not true.


Mohd Nadeem Siddiqui

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