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No, a weird incident did not happen in Bengaluru, the road caved-in because of heavy rain

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Claim: “पहले करोना उसके बाद गैस लीक फिर बेंगलोर में आज अजीबो गरीब वाक्य हुआ, लंगर एरिया में आज सुबह 6:00 बजे कड़ाके के साथ जमीन फटी,पृथ्वी प्रलय की ओर क्या ये इशारा है जय श्री राम.”

Translation: “First there was Coronavirus, then a gas lead, now in Bangalore, a weird incident happened when at 6 am, the Earth burst open. Is this an indication of an apocalypse? Jai Shree Ram.”

A video of a road claiming that the Earth burst wide open in Bangalore. It has caused a lot of panic on social media with people claiming that it is an indication towards an apocalypse soon.




Soon, a lot of people started sharing the post,









Upon doing a Google Reverse Image Search of the screenshots of the video, we came across a various news articles from Laggere, Bengaluru. The heavy rain and the thunder caused the road to cave in and the wall to collapse near an apartment complex built by Karnataka Slum Board,  in ward 69 of Lakshmi Devi Nagar, in Laggere, Bengaluru as seen in the viral video.

The incident happened in the month of April, and not in May considering the timestamps on the viral posts. 

The Hindu reported the news, the article was published on April 24, 2020.

Bangalore Mirror also reported the news, the article was published on April 24, 2020.



The report also has a picture which is similar to the visuals in the viral video,

Here is a resemblance between the visual from the viral video, and the news report by Bangalore Mirror.

No casualty was reported so far, residents of 16 houses were shifted to a community center, and the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) assessed the damage.  However, several vehicles were damaged in the incident.  



According to The Times Of India (Archive)report of the same incident, residents had been complaining over the poor infrastructure and planning. They had asked the slum board officials to strengthen the wall or rebuild it. The residents also said that “during rain, stench emanates fro garbage piles and waste flows into our complex”.



TV9 Kannada also reported on the news, and the visuals the reporter shows are the similar to that of the viral video.




Hence it is clear that no weird incident caused the earth to burst wide open in Laggere, Bengaluru, and most certainly it is not ‘God’s revenge’ and not an indication “towards apocalypse” as suggested in the viral posts.  The claims are absolutely false.

The incident was a result of the heavy rain and thunder, and poor infrastructure of the complex. It also to be noted that the incident happened in the month of April, and not in May as suggested in the viral posts. 


Rhea Binoy

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