The viral photo of a patient being dragged in front of Central Vista Avenue construction site is fake.

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An image is viral showing a man in PPE kit dragging a lady patient on a stretcher with  Centreal Vista Venue construction board in the background.


Congress MP from Karnataka, Jairam Ramesh tweeted the image


National Coordinator AICC Research Dept. Former National GS @nsui




The viral image is digitally edited.

It’s made up of two different images, the one with the construction site boards, and another of the man dragging the patient.

Jairam Ramesh later tweeted justifying the reason even if the image is real or fake.


Two images in the left are used to create the viral image


Source: The Scroll

The photo below was edited, with background removed and image vertically flipped i.e. mirror image.

Source: The Wall Street Journal


A similar Concept edited image was viral few years ago which we had to fact check. It showed the contrast of a poor mother feeding her kid on road in front of Statue of Unity

An edited image of Sardar Patel statue is viral.



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