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Dead or Alive ? An old video of student’s protest in Egypt is viral people acting dead, trying to discredit Israel.

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A video is viral in which a alleged ‘corpses’ can be seen under shrouds. One suddenly moves and the viral text says these people are pretending to be dead to defame Israel. The reason given is he moved because of a bite from ants.


Following tweet has been retweeted by approx 3700 people and been seen by approx 30,000.

Tweet Text
“इस्राइल को बदनाम करने के लिए मुर्दों की ऐक्टिंग करने वाले जमीन पर लेटे लोग अचानक अपना शरीर खुजाते हुए एक्सपोज हो गए क्योंकि चीटियां काट रही थी, बस इतना सा दिमाग है इनके पास, आखिर इन मूर्खों को नेस्तनाबूद करना कितना मुश्किल होगा इस्राइल जैसे तेज देश को?”

Translation: “Trying to discredit Israel, people acting to be dead bodies got exposed which they had to scratch the ant’s bite on their body. They have only such small brains. After all how difficult would it be for a smart country like Israel to do away with such idiots.





The video is 8 years old, of students’ staged protest against their university in Cairo, Egypt and has nothing to do with Israel/Palestine

In Jan 2013, an Egypt based News house reported the incident.


Video Description – “عرض تمثيلي بالجثامين داخل جامعة الازهر تصوير مصطفي درويش مونتاج محمد أنور نظم العشرات من طلاب الإخوان المسلمين، بجامعة الأزهر، مظاهرة حاشدة أمام مبنى إدارة الكلية، وانضم طلاب الإخوان بجامعة الأزهر من مسيرتى البنات والبنين جنبًا إلى جنب, فى مسيرة واحدة، التقت بين مبنى كلية الطب والهندسة بجوار مبنى رئاسة جامعة الأزهر, بعد أن طافت أرجاء الحرم الجامعى لحشد الطلاب, وتعطيل الدراسة، حيث توجهت المسيرات إلى كلية الهندسة. وبدأ عدد من الطلاب الذين لم يتمكنوا من السكن بالمدن الجامعية من الحاصلين على تقدير جيد, فى تجهيز مكبرات الصوت, ووضعها أمام مبنى رئاسة جامعة الأزهر, لإقامة فعاليات احتجاجية, للضغط على رئيس الجامعة لإسكانهم. كما قطع طلاب الإخوان طريق المخيم الدائم بجامعة الأزهر, وذلك وسط تجمهر من سائقى السيارات، مما تسبب فى حالة من الشلل المرورى من الجانبين. وردد الطلاب هتافات مناهضة للجيش والشرطة،. وحاول عدد من الإخوان المتظاهرين بجامعة الأزهر، اقتحام المبنى الإدارى بالجامعة من خلال محاولة اقتحام العيادة الشاملة بالجامعة، فيما أشعل طلاب آخرون الشماريخ والألعاب النارية فى الهواء تابعونا علي موقعنا

Translation – “A representative show of the bodies inside Al-Azhar University
Photography by Mustafa Darwish, Montage by Muhammad Anwar
Dozens of Muslim Brotherhood students at Al-Azhar University organized a mass demonstration in front of the college administration building, and Brotherhood students from Al-Azhar University joined the girls ‘and boys’ walks side by side, in one march, the building of the College of Medicine and Engineering met next to the presidency building of Al-Azhar University, after it roamed The university campus to mobilize students, and disrupt the study, as the marches went to the College of Engineering.
A number of students who were unable to live in university cities who had a good rating began to equip loudspeakers and place them in front of the Presidency of Al-Azhar University, to hold protest activities, to pressure the president of the university to house them.
Brotherhood students also cut off the permanent camp road at Al-Azhar University, amid a crowd of car drivers, which caused traffic paralysis on both sides.The students chanted slogans against the army and the police.
A number of the demonstrating brothers at Al-Azhar University tried to storm the university’s administrative building by trying to storm the university’s comprehensive clinic, while other students lit winds and fireworks in the air.
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