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Misleading: Haryana’s video of women complaining falsely claims to be from Rajasthan

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A 45-second video of a woman narrating atrocities committed by Muslims on Hindus is getting viral on various social media platforms. This clip is trying to claim the fact that women of “Rajasthan” are going through a difficult phase as men of their houses are being taken away. This woman with a child in her arms and various other women crying in the background is explaining the struggles they are experiencing and how police officials have turned blind eyes towards all their problems and grief during this time.

“यह वीडियो राजस्थान का है” reads one of the captions of the video

Translation: This video is from Rajasthan

“This video is from Rajasthan. Now it is Rajasthan’s turn,” reads another claim added to the same video.


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Below is another screenshot of the archived version of the same video which got deleted for being misleading and fake.



This video is from Haryana, not Rajasthan.

On listening to the clip’s audio carefully, you will ascertain that after 30 seconds of hearing and watching it, the woman says that they might have to leave Mewat soon.

“Mewat” as she mentioned in the video, is a district in Haryana, also known as Nuh.

While working more on this video and using its keyframes for reverse image search, we found out a news profile on Facebook which has uploaded the extended version of this video. “Metro Plus” is a news portal which recently posted the same video on its Facebook page to give clarity on what this is all about.

The caption of this video states clearly that this video belongs to Haryana and not Rajasthan as it claims.

You can view the video here.

There is another video on Twitter which clearly through its caption shows that this video is shot in Haryana in lieu of Rajasthan.

Along with these videos on social media platforms we came across two more pieces of evidence to prove this claim false. These are reports published on May 14 by Navbharat Times. One amongst them throws light on the clash that took place between both the communities and led to several injuries due to stone-pelting. The other says that a few social institutes protested against attacks on Hindus by Muslims. This protest was done to bring to notice the various struggles these people had to go through in the past couple of months.

The reports can be read here and here.

Hence proved that the video is originally from Haryana and not Rajasthan.

















Kashish Arora

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