Neither is he a BJP leader nor was it about any 10 year old girl.

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Fake News usually thrives on People’s memory prone to sensational stuff which they normally forget after a year or two. The Fake News makers then pick up some long forgotten shocking video and post it with new and wrong agenda which gets viral. But in this case, they didn’t even wait for 10 days, considering we forgot a week old news too.

A Video is viral on WhatsApp and other social platforms where people are forcing men to get off the Mumbai AC Local Train.

The fake content reads  –

First version“its happened in mumbai, Bjp leader was traveling in a train, suddenly passengers shouted and said “Bahar nikalo, bahar nikalo bcz 10 year old girl is traveling in this train”

Chalo india👍🏻👍🏻“”


Second Version“Aaj Mumbai local train mein BJP neta Ko public ne bahar bhaga diya #Baharnikalo ke naare lagaye 
This happened in Mumbai local train, angry commuters demanded removal of BJP workers from the train, the BJP worker is seen arguing and pushing a uniformed Police Constable, “Bahar nikalo, bahar nikalo” commuters kept shouting.

The Truth –

This video is from 6th April when BJP was celebrating their foundation day. These people forced off the train are not any BJP leadres but volunteers and the reason for this was they boarded recently launched AC Local Train without Ticket and not because of any 10 year old girl.

This fake content was used piggy backing the recent disturbing rape and murders of girls (Asifa from Kathua and one from Unnao) to spread more hatred against the ruling party.

The summer has arrived and this launch of AC Local Train came as a gift to people but then it’s quite costly too.
If you are not a Mumbaikar, you should know the Local Trains ion Mumbai in Morning and evening hours are fully packed result in deaths of people merely holding on to the pole and hanging outside the train. So given the expensive tickets of this new AV Train, people traveling in it were happy as there was no crowd, but then these people barged in without tickets so the legit passengers had all the right reasons to force them off, more over these volunteers even were trying to threaten the legit passengers.


Free Press Journal reported –

“Mumbai: Ticket-less BJP activists barge into AC local train, forced to detrain

“Mumbaikars yesterday faced traffic jams due to BJP Foundation Day rally in MMRDA ground in BKC, Mumbai, even passengers of newly inaugurated AC local train faced inconvenience, as political party activists barged inside a Churchgate-bound train with banners and flags on their way to attend the rally of BJP president Amit Shah.

According to a report in Mid-Day, when the commuters inside the train questioned them (political activist), they got into argument with the commuters and arrogantly kept saying that the AC train had not been there during the Congress government and that it was started during BJP’s rule, refusing to budge.

A commuter told Mid-Day, “The activists were very rude and kept dropping names of big party leaders and insulting commuters. Though there were ticket checkers on the train, the activists, many of whom were traveling ticketless, refused to pay fine.” Later when the authorities received a complaint, they first tried to detrain activist at Borivali, and were successful in detraining few and the remaining few were detrained at Andheri station. But commuters have expressed their displeasure and have said that if the railways charge them more for AC local it was authorities’ responsibility to maintain the standard of service.”

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