Seriously ? Can Coke after Mango take your life ?

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Another stupid hoax jas been viral on whatsapp, the ultimate verifed source of information LOL.

Nothing such has been reported anywhere at all.

This is the reply I received from Official Coca Cola Company after sending a mail
Please find below the response from Coca-Cola India –

There is no scientific evidence which states that consuming Coca-Cola after eating mangoes is not safe. Coca-Cola  has been a part of food and beverages that people have been enjoying for years. All ingredients used in the beverage are proven safe by more than 200 national food safety authorities in different parts of the world including credible scientific and health authorities like Codex Alimentarius and European Food Safety Authority. In India, all ingredients in food and beverages are approved by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), under the Ministry of Health, Government of India, which is the nodal body ensuring safe food in the country.

A recent article in the ‘Bangalore Mirror’ clearly demystifies this myth and states “There are no credible medical or news reports that confirm the story in any way. Mangos and Coke do not and cannot combine to form a deadly poison as claimed. These are foods that are eaten together by many thousands of people around the world with no ill effect whatsoever.”

A link to the article is below for reference:


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Shaina Mehra

Whatsapp Hoax –

_*Very urgent*_


Being Forwarded as received . Please be careful and give due respect to the incident.



Recently an Indian tourist to China, ate a few mangos

(fanas) and _*immediately thereafter consumed Coca Cola*_. 

      Within short time he collapsed. He was taken to hospital and was declared dead. The Doctor then revealed that _*after mango, no aeriated drinks should be consumed*_”as this combination turns into _*a very potent poison*_, capable of instantly killing a human.

This is the season for mango and none should commit the mistake of taking soft drinks such as Coke, Pepsi etc. If at all to be consumed, do so at least after 8 hours of eating mango, _*as this fruit takes a lot of time to get fully digested*_. 

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