Who photoshopped Pranab Mukherjee ?

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Who photoshopped Pranab Mukherjee ?

Ex President Pranab Mukherjee was invited to a RSS Event. A photo of him on stage beside Mohan Bhagwat with RSS style salute is claimed by Congress supporters as photoshopped retweeted by Pranab Ji’s daughter Sarmistha Mukherjee.

FAKE –                                                                                  REAL-

This followed her claims or rather warning to her father that right wingers might misuse his photographs etc on Social Media.

She retweeted a Congress supporter with Photoshopped image. The image to counter the fake one was also different.

Such photos usually could be result of blink and miss moments.

India Today clarifies

Reverse Search resulted a tweet by Mihir Jha which has been deleted now

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This guy, Mihir Jha followed by PM Modi Ji just followed SMHoaxSlayer on twitter yesterday and changed settings in such a way that he can see SMHoaxSlayer timeline but SMHoaxSlayer can’t see his.

Take a look at Mihir Jha ✍️ (@MihirkJha):


You can read much more detailed report by India Today here –

Further Proof –

In the video you can watch from 3 minute to 3 minute 5 seconds

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