Photo of bundled clothes viral claiming used by COVID patients from China

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As the Covid pandemic continues, a lot of fake news related to it is being widely shared to instill fear. Recently a photo went viral on Facebook of clothes packed in huge bundles with the claim that these were used clothes of Corona patients.


The photo went viral with the following caption-

This clothes are those who died in China
Affected with the COVID 19
They are shipping it to Africa
So we need to be Aware
This post was shared by ‘Thee Talkingbook’ on March 24 and had 54 likes and 1.5k shares. This post resurfaced on Facebook yesterday.


The Claim is false. This photo dates back to 2013 on reverse google search and hence is not related to the pandemic at all.
This photo was shared by ‘Brechó OLD CHIC’ on August 20, 2013.
Upon doing reverse image search on google it was also revealed that this photo is generally used by e-commerce websites under the title ‘Used Clothes’, these websites export used clothes in bulk across different countries.
This snippet is from a website called “ec21“, a wholesale supplier based in Turkey.
This is a snippet from the website of “Trade India” where this advertisement for Used clothes was uploaded by the Devra Trading Ltd. (also based in Turkey) on 29th September 2016.
This news was also debunked by India Today
This fake claim was also debunked by Africa Check when it went viral on both Facebook and Whatsapp.
Despite Facebook giving an advisory on the post by “Thee Talkingbook” people have been sharing it.

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Avani Pai

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