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A 2017 image of Spain reappears as Corona protest against Trump in America

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An image of thousands of protesters on the streets has been viral on Facebook and Twitter. The post claims that the US Streets are full off protesters against President Donald Trump’s plan to ruin American by using coronavirus as a weapon.

The post with the image was captioned “अमेरिका मे जनता का तूफान उमड पडा है ट्रंप कोरोना को हथियार बनाकर जनता को तबाह करना चाहताथा खुद अपने जाल मे फँस गया ,भारत मे उसका दोस्त भाँइयों ,और बहनों कहकर कभी रो रहा है कभी अवसर की दगाबाजी कर रहा है ,**बुरे का साथ करोगे तो बुरा ही करोगे ,भारत की जनता भी उबाल मारने के लिये तैयार बैठी है, #तख्त बदल दो,, ताजबदल दो ,,बेईमानो का राज बदल दो#”. It translates to “Americans are protesting on the streets. Trump wanted to ruin American and use coronavirus as a weapon, instead he was trapped in his own game. Even his Indian friends betrayed his people while addressing them as brothers and sisters. If you accompany bad people, you will do bad things. Indians too are full of rage and ready to take to the streets. Change the dishonest government”.


A Facebook user named Riyaz Khan Khan posted the image and received 1.3 thousand shares and about 1.2 thousand likes.


Several Facebook profiles have posted the image with caption of similar narrative



Apart from Facebook, several Twitter users also tweeted the image with similar captions


The claim is False. The original, un-cropped image can be seen in The Atlantic website with caption below it reading, “Thousands of people march to demand that Spain’s government increase its efforts to take in refugees who have fled the war in Syria and other violent conflicts in Barcelona, Spain, on February 18, 2017. Spain has taken in just 1,100 refugees of the over 17,000 it has pledged to accept. The banner reads, in Catalan: “Enough Excuses! Take Them In Now!”


Additionally, The Guardian also reported on the issue and had the viral image in its article with the headline “Protesters in Barcelona urge Spain to take in more refugees”. The article was from Agence France-Presse and was published on February 18, 2017.


Thus, the incident neither took place in the U.S nor is it related to COVID-19 as it was taken in 2017.

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